PCR Test Same Day Results While You Wait

All testing and diagnostic work is performed right in our clinic


Our PCR Testing and Rapid Test and Antigen Test services are designed to provide you with quick and accurate results. Our COVID-19 Testing clinic will issue you an official document certifying your COVID-19 status for any criteria as needed.

All testing and diagnostic work is done at our clinic on the Abbott Laboratories ID NOW Molecular Diagnostic Testing Platform, which has been approved by Health Canada.

If you require a COVID-19 PCR Test for Travel or other needs, we can get you tested and provide you with an official results certificate on the same day.

If you require a Rapid Antigen Screening or an Antigen Test, we can also get you tested quickly and efficiently, and receive the results while you wait.

Please visit International Travel Restrictions by Country for the most up-to-date information on travel restrictions to understand what you will require for your travel destination.

Covid-19 Testing Edmonton Services

Rapid Testing

PCR (NAAT) Testing

Antigen Test

Rapid Test or Antigen Test is for for Employers, Events, Personal, U.S. Travel and Approved Countries

* Same day results available while you wait
(20 – 30 min)

  • Results obtained within 15 Minutes
  • Official certification printout copy and emailed results.
  • Valid for U.S. Travel and some destinations
  • Emailed Receipt for Insurance Claim

PCR Test

PCR Testing for Travel and other Business and Employer Requirements

* Same day results available while you wait
(within 1 hour of your test)


Covid-19 Travel Testing

Our testing methods are quick and painless. A simple swab of the middle of the nose is used (not a deep nasopharyngeal swab). Our testing appointments are for a short duration of approximately 10-15 minutes. You will get accurate results in our efficient and well-planned service. 

Call or book online in confidence at Icon Test Labs.

Rapid Test

For Rapid Antigen test results, your nasal sample is tested with our Panbio Antigen Testing kit from Abbott Laboratories that provides the result. Our Rapid Antigen Screening is fast, efficient, and Health Canada Approved!


PCR Test for Travel

For our PCR (NAAT) Test, results are determined by analyzing the swab sample using the Health Canada approved Abbott ID NOW Molecular Testing platform from Abbott Laboratories.