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Antigen Test

Rapid Test

This COVID-19 Rapid Test uses a swab of the nose to detect infectious coronavirus protein fragments (front of nose swab rather than the back of nose swab).

Because it is highly sensitive in detecting viral levels that are currently deemed infectious, the Rapid Antigen Test is appropriate for quickly determining if you are at risk of spreading the virus.

As a result, this rapid antigen test is widely employed in the workplace, events, and some travel destinations – since they can detect whether someone could unintentionally spread Covid-19 to others. The results of the Rapid Antigen test are known within 15 minutes.  

Same day results available while you wait
(15 min)

This includes certification printout copy and emailed results.


PCR Test

NAAT - Nucleic Acid Amplification Test

Our on-site PCR Testing Clinic system is utilized to detect the presence of viral coronavirus RNA. A swab of the tip of the nose or throat (not nasopharyngeal) is required.

This COVID-19 PCR test (also known as NAAT) is the gold standard of coronavirus testing because it has a high sensitivity for detecting the virus in a sample.

Testing is performed right in our clinic using the Abbott ID NOW platform that is Health Canada approved.

We do not send test samples to another location. This is how we are able to provide same-day rapid and accurate results.

Same-day results available while you wait
(results in under an hour)

This includes certification printout copy and emailed results.


PCR Travel Testing


Covid-19 Testing Edmonton Clinic
(In the Family Care Medical Center)
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Please Note

Icon Test Labs is an asymptomatic screening centre and we cannot take appointments from anyone that has symptoms such as fever, cough, or shortness of breath. If you need testing for any of these symptoms, call Alberta Health Services at 811.

We cannot guarantee the travel restrictions and test requirements for each country and airline, so please ensure that you have confirmed the test type and time requirements before booking your appointment.

Please visit International Travel Restrictions by Country for the most up-to-date information on travel restrictions to understand what you will require for your travel destination.

Icon Test Labs offers asymptomatic COVID-19 PCR Testing and Rapid Antigen Testing for travelers, businesses, events, and individuals. Our ongoing testing coupled with COVID-19 best practices ensure a safe environment for everyone. We also provide same-day results with certification status documentation needed for flights, events, employer requirements, or personal peace of mind.

We do all lab testing in-house to provide you with same-day results while you wait (within 1 hour of your test)

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PCR Test For Travel

(In the Family Care Medical Center)
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